EPC Boiler Products & Services

EPC Boiler Products & Services is highly qualified to inspect and provide additional servcies and parts for your HRSGs. Our approach and results are time tested and delivers superior results, helping clients to optimize the efficiency of their HRSGs by maximizing uptime while minimizing risks, cost, and downtime.


Scope of Services

This thorough visual inspection will include the following components and associated areas of each HRSGs and is based on accessibility:


A. Pressure Parts

  • HP/IP/LP Steam Drum
  • HP/IP/LP Superheater(s)
  • HP/IP De-Superheater
  • HP/IP/LP Evaporator
  • LP Deaerator
  • HP/IP/LP Economizer(s)
  • Interconnecting Piping
  • Boiler External Piping


B. Structure and Casing

  • Inlet Transition Duct
  • Distribution Grid
  • Duct Burners
  • Combustion Chamber
  • Ammonia Injection Grid
  • SCR Reactor and Housing
  • Expansion Joints
  • Exhaust Stack Damper
  • Exhasut Stack
  • Diverter
  • Bypass Stack
  • Stack Silencer
  • Bypass Stack Silencer


C. Trim and Accessories

  • Safety Valves
  • Boots / Seals
  • Instrumentation
  • Valves
  • Insulation / Cladding
  • Hangers


After the inspection is completed, EPC Boiler Products & Services senior inspector will provide a management briefing to the client's personnel and provide a detailed report with a prioritized action list based on the criticality of the findings.

Our Approach

Once EPC Boiler Products & Services has received the order to proceed, a senior boiler inspector will be assigned and will prepare for the on-site visit by obtaining and reviewing engineering and maintenance records of the specific boiler. After the inspector has reviewed all applicable information, the inspector will call the client's designated point of contact and discuss operating and maintenance activities and procedures to identify any special requirements for the inspection. The result of this review and call will be an inspection plan tailored to the plant's specific requirements.


The plan will be submitted to the site point of contact and approved prior to the arrival of the inspector. The approved plan will supersede the scope listed above. Any changes in expected cost will be identified and approved in writing prior to the on-site inspection.


When the inspector arrives on site, he will receive the plant-specific, outage safety training and meet with designated plant personnel to receive a briefing about special conditions of the site, HRGSs, or special working conditions and/or hazards created by the outage work. The inspector will then complete the visual inspection based on the approved plan.


After the inspection has been completed, the inspector will debrief the plant team on any special conditions noted in the boiler that may need action during the current outage. The inspector will then return to the home office to complete the written report. The report will be sent electronically to the client and a teleconference may be set up to answer any questions about the report. Accompanying the report will be a client review questionnaire to obtain feedback on EPC Boiler Products & Services and the inspector's performance.



  • EPC Boiler Products & Services Certified Inspectors
  • Complete Inspections
  • Easy to read and understand reports
  • Archiving of Reports for future reference
  • Outage Planning Support
  • Prioritized action list based on Criticality of findings
  • Full Service Engineering Solutions for:
    • Conditions Assessments
    • Remaining Life
    • Optimizating Operations
    • Performance / Efficiency improvements
    • Damage / Corrosion
    • Water Problems
    • Upgrade and Modifications
    • Increased Reliability and Availability