EPC Boiler Products & Services

EPC Contracting BV, acting under EPC Boiler Products & Services, is a unique company that combines high level knowledge with stable manpower. We have been providing structured and stable results in technical complex environments. We do not just provide people: we provide solutions.


Our Philosophy

Business Goals ClientsIn the often complex relationship between a client and a contractor it is useful for the client to have a friendly experienced advisor capable of interpreting the bi-directional information flow. This role is often called the “Owners Engineer” and means different things to different people. The type of service offered by EPC Power Management under this heading varies from single issue advice to contract assistance from inception to commissioning.

Reasons to hire a Clients Engineer:

  • To bridge a competency gap between the Clients organization with the project and its specific terminology;
  • To provide additional resources;
  • Provide a specialist for a one off task;
  • To provide a third party view;
  • To assist in dispute resolution;
  • To validate claims made by third parties;
  • To assess technological information provided by a supplier;
  • To develop project execution strategies, such as Front End Loading or Lump Sum Turn-Key;
  • To develop a purchasing strategy for a project.

Power Plant Project

EPC Boiler Products & Services can provide help and assistance in all of these areas and has successfully done so for a wide range of clients and project values. When you need some friendly competent help and assistance contact EPC Power Management.









How we work

EPC Power Management plans and checks for your companyEPC Boiler Products & Services has successfully provided business improvement services to all types of organizations from multinationals to micro enterprises for over 10 years. We work with the entire value stream in conjunction with individual departments inside your company. Using this approach we can develop improvements, meeting or sometimes exceeding your expectations, in close cooperation.
We understand that a successful solution involves more than manipulating business processes. That is why our approach from day one has been to integrate people, process and technology into the delivered outcome.
Unlike most companies we understand the fundamentals and technology behind a vast array of processes. Therefore, we are confident enough to integrate essential technology into the solutions we provide. In every way possible we use our core process engineering skills to deliver improvement in your physical process.
We promote transfer of knowledge to our clients by working as an integrated team, providing technical support, knowledge, skills, coaching, training and documentation to enable you to feel confident in the desired future state.
We are well aware that a ‘standard solution’ is not a ‘real’ solution to most problems and therefore, we use mechanisms to deliver tailored outcomes matching your unique requirements.
We are dedicated to perform our work in an ethical manner and to deliver outstanding value to our customers.



Project Execution Strategies

powerlinesEPC Boiler Products & Services can carry out project activities for clients based on different execution strategies with different starting points. These can be tranches of work designed by EPC Power Management or by others. Ask for our additional product sheets: they will give you extensive information about all the fields we can cover for you; it reaches from Front End Loading until eventually, taking care of the necessary decommissioning process at the end of a business lifecycle. We’ll be happy to explain your benefits to our approach; so do not hesitate to ask our people about the details and they can give you tailor-made solutions.