EPC Boiler Products & Services

EPC Boiler Products & Services was established in 2019 to provide boiler owners products and services. It is, with EPC Power Management, part of EPC Group, which was established in 1999. Since 2002 we are introduced in the international power plant & incineration industry. EPC Boiler Products & Services can build upon the extensive experience of it's employees in the supply and maintenance of boilers, boiler engineering studies, boiler inspections and the supply of boiler spare parts.


The project management approach used by EPC Boiler Products & Services went from flexibility to creativity requiring - next to the solid technical basis - even more of the communication and organization skills of our personnel. Our services activities include, but are not limited to: engineering support and consultancy, inspections and maintenance advisory services, service agreements, refurbishments and the supply of spare parts.


Due to this approach our personnel is used to working in a flexible (project) environment.  For EPC Boiler Products & Services we envision an open and highly motivating company culture as the best basis for human well being and continuous improvement. This will be our basis for steady and controlled growth in the coming years.